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You got the dates mixed up because the year of the snake was in and I know that because my sister was born that year and I was born in but im not a dragon the year of the snake is this year and its not is it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the input. The dates we list are correct.

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Please note that Chinese Zodiac Signs are based on traditional Chinese calendar , not the western calendar. To tell the sign, you have to tell from the actual year, month AND day. If someone was born between Jan. Since you were born in and is a snake, your birthday must be later than Feb. On or before that day of the same year, a dragon.

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Normally you need to convert the Western birthday to the Chinese calendar to tell the zodiac sign, but our Chinese Zodiac Sign finder converts the Western birthday directly to Chinese Zodiac Sign. Glad to know that.

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I am confused to whether I an a ox or tiger. My birth date is So which am I? You are a Sheep. You are a monkey. Hi, i do not know if it matters to you, but is the year of the dragon. Thanks for the comment Jordan.

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Chinese zodiac sign is based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese new year day of falls on On or after the Chinese new year day, its a dragon.

Before that date, a rabbit. You must be expressive about your appreciation to your partner. Your social circle and friendships are just fine this year.

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Avoid fights and lawsuits as these will cost you money and will make you suffer for the rest of the year. You can increase your luck potential by making sure to join in a person born under the Horse sign in your endeavors. That person can neutralize the bad starts that the year has on your sign.

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Financial advice from experts should be considered. Pay attention to your kidneys, bladder, and the urinary system. Do more outdoor activities. There are many money opportunities for you this year.

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Aside from your recommended stones, make sure to attract money luck through wealth stones and accessories. Make sure that you finish your projects and accomplish your tasks in order for you to benefit from them. There are 2 negative stars lurking in your chart and you may use Sunstone, Kyanite, Wood Jasper and Picture Japer to make sure that the negative stars will have zero effects on you.